How it Works

Prairie Leads is dedicated to growing your business by helping you get more local leads. Because we are competing for you, we only work with a single industry business per service area at a time. For example, if you own a plumbing and heating company, we will sit down with you and define your local service area. Based on that defined area, if another plumbing and heating company in that area is your competition, they’re our competition too. Competing companies in your defined local service area are not eligible to sign with Prairie Leads because we view our business relationship with you as an exclusive partnership.

Join Our Network

By joining our network of clients, you become part of an exclusive group of businesses that enjoy preferred digital marketing and website services which put you ahead of your competition. We offer different package levels to fit your budget and give you the level of local industry authority status you’re looking for. There are no long term contracts so you can upgrade or cancel at any time.

Active Management

When you sign with Prairie Leads your social media accounts, your website, and your online review profiles are all managed by Prairie Leads for you. We discuss the different scenarios that can happen, and when they happen, we respond on your behalf in the best suited manner or as discussed. We also share strategies you can use to boost positive feedback. Constant monitoring of your SEO and adjustment for peak performance month to month is an important part of staying ahead of your competitors.

Content Creation

Content creation is a key part of establishing and maintaining a strong online presence. Good content provided on a regular basis can move your business from a potential option to a sought after resource. The problem is content creation can be very time consuming. Prairie Leads takes care of that for you and gives you the level of involvement you need to feel confident. Different rates of production and types of content creation are available to suit your business. Custom work can also be arranged.

Reports & Recommendations

An important part of success is understanding and staying on top of your numbers. Results need to be measured, maintained, and continually grown. Prairie Leads stays transparent and accountable by sharing the results and activities of our work with our clients on a monthly basis. Because we are working together to grow your business, we also include recommendations for you to use in your daily operations that will compliment your online presence.